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Update !

Hey Everyone!

We are currently in the airport waiting to board our plane. We wanted to wish everyone happy holidays! And look for new posts in the new year 🙂



Caitlin & Shannon


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Hi Everyone!

Hope your week is going well!! I filmed a couple days ago a makeup tutorial. I’m getting better at this whole editing the video sort of thing! 🙂 Its a total learning experience for me, and I’m glad you guys are along for the ride!

I did a basic brown smokey eye with a bit of gold, and it’s really easy and super wearable! Check it out!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed 🙂 Remember, subscribe to my channel if you want to stay updated with all the videos that are posted!! Shannon and I might be doing a sister tag soon!!!! AHH!!



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Hi Everyone!

Check out the video below for my November Favourites! I know it’s so cliche to say, but I can’t believe that it is December already! Where has this year gone?!

Also, you should subscribe to my channel if you want to see and keep updated with all my videos 🙂 I will sometimes post there and forget to post here!




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Hi Everyone,

I am currently in my university library waiting for Shannon to get out of class so that we can go and hit up the mall and do some Christmas shopping, what a perfect time to avoid homework and write a post! 🙂

As many of you may or may not of heard (I know I sure did), there is a new Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 that was just released today. I do not have it, and cannot purchase it off the Urban Decay website because sadly they do not ship to Canada 😦 But after reading some posts on blogs and such, I thought that I would share my thoughts on the palette with you all based on the research and pictures I have seen.

Now, it seems as though, that Naked2 is a lot warmer (or at least that’s what they claim on the website). It has four matte shades, the rest shimmery/glittery. Compared to the original, which had more golden-y shades, the Naked2 palette seems to have warmer, taupe-ier shades. To me, it doesn’t seem to have any more matte shades than the original, (even though it has one more) because the additional matte shade in number 2 is the matte black. I would prefer to have more matte brownish shades rather than the black be matte, but thats just me personally. From swatches that I have seen on multiple blogs, and Temptalia’s in particular (she has an amazing blog: click here for her review on the Naked2 palette: http://www.temptalia.com/urban-decay-naked-1-vs-naked-2-palette-dupes-comparison-swatches)(Xsparkage is mentioned in the bottom of this post if you would like to see her blog too!) the colours are VERY similar to the original.  It comes to with a dual ended eyeshadow brush, which would be a great deal, comes with a blending side and a shader brush side, and a lipgloss rather than the primer potion. I bought the original when it came with the dual ended eyeliner and I have to say that I liked the idea of the eyeliner and primer potion more. It completes the palette in my opinion. I’ve never tried an Urban Decay lipgloss so I cannot talk about that product in particular.

Now, all that being said, if you do not have the original then I think that this palette is awesome, it has some great neutrals and has a nice selection of colours. I like shimmery eye shadows on a good day, and the matte ones are nice too. The quality and pigmentation of Urban Decay eye shadows are amazing, and they have great staying power, especially if you use a primer underneath. The lipgloss is a nice neutral shade, and I see it matching a lot of skin tones.

Overall, in my opinion it seems that there is a lot of hype over this product, but I am not too sure it is necessary if you already own the original. The colours are too similar to justify having both, because lets just be honest you can only have so many neutral brown shades. I think that Urban Decay would have done better with a neutral palette that was different compared to the warm one that was the original. Perhaps they could have included cooler shades to compliment the original’s warm/goldeny shades! That being said, I’m sure that avid Urban Decay lovers, as well as makeup junkies will be all over this palette, but fear not! Just like its sister, it’s permanent so you don’t have to worry if you cannot get your hands on it right away 🙂

They are only available on the Urban Decay website at this point, and I am not too sure when other stores like Sephora will be carrying it. It goes for $50.00 which is a total steal for a palette of this quality though! XSparkage did an amazing review, you guys can check it out for swatches and for a  more in depth review 🙂 http://www.xsparkage.com/?p=4113 (link is from her website)

Let me know what you think of the palette in the comments below, are you going to try and get your hands on one of these bad boys?!

Caitlin ❤


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