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Hey Guys!

Today I had a good day and posted two new videos!

The first was a video on products that I use to help combat my extremely oily skin. I mention products from facewash to makeup setting tips! Check it out!

The second was actually a request that someone had left in a comment on one of my videos. Here’s a look at each lipstick that I have in my shelving unit. I have to say that I paid for all of these myself, and it is in no way a means to brag about how much I own. I honestly don’t think that one needs this much. Ha ha!

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Hi Everyone!

Hope your week is going well!! I filmed a couple days ago a makeup tutorial. I’m getting better at this whole editing the video sort of thing! 🙂 Its a total learning experience for me, and I’m glad you guys are along for the ride!

I did a basic brown smokey eye with a bit of gold, and it’s really easy and super wearable! Check it out!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed 🙂 Remember, subscribe to my channel if you want to stay updated with all the videos that are posted!! Shannon and I might be doing a sister tag soon!!!! AHH!!



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Hello Everyone!

I feel like every post that Shannon and I have been doing lately, (or mine at least) we have been apologizing for being so MIA. Its been a lot busier than I think either of us expected with work and school going on right now. Between studying, work, winter coming when I didn’t want it to, taking my cat to the vet, and eating clean.. again.. it’s been crazy up in here!! I do want to do an update post, the entire house as we speak is doing another 28 days of eating clean! So we thought that we would do a couple updates as well as some sample “what we eat” posts. If you guys are interested in seeing that then let us know! I will for sure do an update post soon! As soon as this week is over!!!

I did manage to find the time to film an October Favourites video. It has been posted for a couple days now but I didn’t have the time to write a post to accompany it until now! Here we go!

Thank you for watching and reading! Miss you all! 🙂


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Vancouver Trip!

Hi Everyone!

So a couple weeks ago, my friend: Vanessa, older sister: Nicole and I traveled down to Vancouver for the long weekend. Vanessa and I were going down to see my BFF Chelsey!!!! (Who recently moved down to the big city for school) The trip, was… interesting. We had some car troubles, twice actually, but in the end we made it there safe and sound! We were perhaps a little shaken by everything though!

As usual, when I go to Vancouver I always end up spending waaay to much money. I filmed a haul for you all! It took me three tries, the first two were “too long” by YouTubes standards, .38 seconds too long! Darn, so I filmed it again, this time I tried to be fast in order to cut the time down.

I will post some pictures after the video!! 🙂

As some of you may or may not know, I lived in Vancouver for about 10 months in 2010. Seems like a life time ago! I decided to take Chelsey and Vanessa to a couple of my favourite spots that my boyfriend showed me when we lived in Vancouver.

I also just realized that it would be a good idea to do some swatches of the makeup products that I bought for you all! I have to run off to class, but will do it when I am home from work later!

Thanks for reading 🙂

***** I did not take these pictures, my dearest friend Chelsey took these! *****

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I feel that it’s very cliche to say that I can’t believe how fast this year has been moving, but its true! I cannot believe how fast this year is going by. Before you know it, summer will be over and I will be going back to school. Lets just say I can wait for that to happen.

As per our new tradition, I am posting my favourite makeup products for the month of May. Shannon will update with hers soon, but she had to work graveyard last night and is still sleeping. Here we go!

Caitlin’s May Favourites:

Kate Spade Bow Ring! My new favourite!!

I love this ring. I wear it everyday. I was a little bit worried since I think that it’s only 14 karat plated gold that it was going to rub off right away and turn my finger green, but I am very happy to say that Kate Spade makes excellent jewelry. I don’t wear it when I am cleaning or in the shower however.

Clinique Black Honey Eyeliner

Lately I have been doing my makeup very natural. I love this eyeliner! I put it on my upper lash line and it makes my lashes look so much thicker. I am normally a black eyeliner kinda gal, but lately this has been my go to.

Benefit Browzing in Medium

I am very unfortunate unlike Shannon to have received my dads eyebrows at birth. Sparse and will probably be gone by time I’m 40, just like him. I haven’t tried a lot of brow products, but this one makes your eyebrows look so natural yet defined and full. I use this everyday! I apologize for the dirty brushes it comes with! Its been about a week since I cleaned them.

NARS Madly and NARS Orgasm

Horrible Swatches, But On The Left Nars Madly, and On The Right Nars Orgasm

I tried to swatch these the best that I could, so I apologize for the bad quality. The pigmentation of these blushes is actually quite good, so I’m not too sure why I couldn’t get them to swatch the best. I have been using Nars Madly as a contour for the last month, and then using Nars Orgasm as my blush on the apples of my cheeks. I also kind of brush the Madly blush up a little bit to blend it in with the Orgasm. Its my favourite combination!

(Left to Right) All That Glitters, Cork, and Mylar All From Mac

These three eye shadows have been my go to for the last month. I use All That Glitters all over the lid and a bit into the crease then use Cork to deepen the crease even further. I then put Mylar on my brow bone for a highlight. Afterwards I use the Clinique Black Honey to thicken up my lashes! Throw on some mascara and I call it a day.

Well there you have it folks! My favourite products of the month! Shannon will update this post with hers soon!

Thanks for tuning in.



Shannon’s May Favorites:

This nail polish is soo pretty! I applied 4-5 coats and I know that seems like a lot of effort, but it's worth it! only one coat provides a few glitters, but after 4 your nails become little gems!I painted this colour on my toes, I never really wear colour on my finger nails. But if you're bold like Caitlin, definitely paint this on your finger nails!

This is Maybelline New York's eye shadow quad 02 Natural Smokes. I have been using the bottom left shade eeevery day that I apply makeup. I just love that it's a little lighter than my skin tone on my eyelids and naturally brightens my eye area without shimmer. It's also a great base to build other shadows on top of.


L'oreal's True Match Makeup is amazing! I love how super blendable they are and provide a light feeling medium coverage that is buildable without being cakey. I've noticed that this foundation also has little shimmers in it that isn't really noticable once you apply it. In pictures however, the little shimmers make your skin look very glowy, in a good way 🙂 I have two shades because I mix them to make them match my skin tone perfectly.


This is Givenchy's Hot Couture perfume that for some reason reminds me of raspberries and white chocolate (regardless of whether those scents are actual notes in the perfume). It's a very sexy scent that I got for Christmas. I apply it lightly for everyday wear but misting it into the air and walking through it. I know Caitlin loves it too!

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