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Hi Everyonnee!!

I’ve had a crazy busy day, yet somehow I managed to get two videos up!!! I donno how I did it but here they are to share with you all 🙂

January Beauty Favourites:

What’s In My Bag?!

I will be back hopefully soon for some more posts. Got a review of a mascara coming up soon!!

Back to studying. Work full time + two tests on Thursday = very stressed caitlin.

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Hi Everyone!

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to be doing more book reviews as I work thru the year. One of my resolutions is to try and read at least three books a month.I have to say that I didn’t anticipate on being so busy with life, but the last month has flown by with a blink of an eye! I am currently reading a book though which is good. When I finish it there will be a review on the blog for you all to read!

Well, ladies and gents, here we go!

The Lucky One – Nicholas Sparks

I have to admit that I first heard about this book because I had heard about the movie. Enter amazing photo of Zac Efron and his amazing arms:

O. M. G.

Need I say more?

I have been a fan of Zac Efron since he was in the FIRST High School Musical. I don’t mean to brag, but I know every word to every song of all three of the HSM movies. LOVE! So of course when I saw that he was going to be the lead character in a ROMANCE novel I had to jump on that band wagon and boy am I glad I did! He has grown up A LOT over the years an mmmm mmmm mmm, does he loooook goooood. <3<3

I’m the kind of reader who loves to picture the novel in my head. When I know that there will be an actor I know as one of the characters it makes the reading experience that much better for me. Enter Zac Efron… and it immediately becomes my favourite book. And I’m not kidding. Not only did I enjoy reading the book with him in my mind, but the book itself was actually kinda amazing. I just couldn’t put it down!! I ended up finishing it in one short afternoon. (I do not recommend this, I was cross eyed when I was finished!!!! If you are going to read this book, please remember it’s amazing, and that you will not want to put it down. BUT YOU MUST! Please take regular reading breaks, and remember to eat and drink!!)


Some words on the novel:

I found the plot itself to be quite interesting; about a marine who finds a picture of a women while on his tour in Iraq. Once is service is finished, he sets out to find the mystery woman in the photo. He finds her, falls in love and the rest is history! The book moved along at an alright pace, and the characters were interesting to read about. The book is formatted so that the reader reads thru the eyes of three main characters. Logan, Elizabeth and Keith. Each chapter is a different character with a different view. Even though the book is set up this way, the plot continues to progress in a timely and enjoyable fashion.

Like I mentioned before, the book is written thru the eyes of three main characters, Logan – A marine. Elizabeth – Mother and dog trainer. Keith -Police man and father. Additional characters include “Nana”- Grandmother and dog trainer and Ben – Elizabeth’s son.

In a nut shell the story starts with Logan, a marine, who finds a picture of a lady (Elizabeth) while on his fourth tour in Iraq. After he is finished his tour, and under certain circumstances, he sets out to find the lady in the photo. Not only does he set out to find her, but he WALKS across the country to find her! Then not only does he find her, but he lands a job at her house where she runs a dog obedience school! Not revealing what he is really doing there, he gets to know Elizabeth, Nana and Ben. Elizabeth is curious and skeptical at first, but over time she calms down and lets Logan into her life. Problems arise between Elizabeth, Logan and Keith. . . of course. Then Elizabeth finds out the truth behind Logan’s reasoning for being there, and business goes doooowwn. There is a climax at the end of the novel that really gets you going I have to say!! It’s intense!!! Now without revealing toooo much, I just have to say that I love a book with a happy ending, and like in all romance novels there is always a bad guy, which always leads to problems. I am happy to report that this book has both! A bad guy, and a happy ending!!

This book is set to come out as a movie on April 20th and I could not be happier. But, with all books that are turned into movies there are of course going to be some differences. I can already tell you, after watching only the trailer I have noticed some differences already! Here are some:

– When Logan finds the photo of Elizabeth, there are words on the back that say “Stay Safe – E”. In the movie, the back of the photo says “Stay Safe – X” ….!!!! Okay, now I don’t mean to be picky but COME ON! How hard it is to write an “E” rather than an “x” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Logan in the book has long, unruly hair. In the movie, short and buzzed!!!

-In the book Logan finds the picture hanging around his camp in Iraq. He posts it in the food hall for someone to claim and no one does. THEN he decides to take it. In the movie: He finds the picture just before a bomb blast… The one thing about this is that the trailer doesn’t actually reveal whether or not he posts the picture for someone else to claim, but I can tell you that in the book he was not almost hit by a bomb when he found the photo!

I know that I can think of some other ones, but as of right now I am at a loss for words.  I always run into this problem. I fall IN LOVE with a book, then it comes out on video and I can’t help but criticize every little detail that has changed. I have complete faith in the movie, and if it turns out to be horrible, at least I can sit there and drool over Zac Efron for two hours.

I would recommend this book. I LOVED it, and having Zac Efron in my head while I was reading it made it that much better. If you’re looking for an easy read that is full of romance and excitement then I definitely recommend you pick this one up 🙂

I did pick up some other books of Nicholas Spark’s at the book store a couple weeks ago, and I have yet to touch them. I wanted to work it into my new year’s resolution to read all of Nicholas Sparks’ books, but after some research online I’ve learned that not all of them are as enjoyable to read as The Lucky One. I am quite intrigued by one I did purchase however, Message In A Bottle. It appears to be almost exactly the same idea as The Lucky One only opposite. Instead of a man tracking down a woman in a photo, it’s about a woman who finds a note in a bottle and sets out to find him. This book has also been made into a movie (quite some time ago) and I figure once I am done the book I might as well see the movie too! I was really looking forward to reading Dear John, but after searching it on Google, and perhaps ruining it for myself, the book I have learned does not have a happy ending, for me, with a romance novel that is just theee worst. So needless to say I don’t think that I am going to knowingly put myself thru that. We will see though, you never know.

Thanks for reading everyone 🙂 If you have any books that you can recommend to me please do in the comments below!! I am officially on the hunt to find about a million books to get my thru the year!


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Hey everyone!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We hope that everyone had a safe and very happy new year celebration, as well as a joyful Christmas/Holiday break. I know for SURE that Shannon and I did.

We just got home this past weekend from our trip, it was long, enjoyable and tiring. A post to come soon — I think both of us are slightly dreading the writing of that post 😛  SOOO much info, so little time I tell yah! I thought it would be fun to do some pictures for you guys so you can see where we went, as well as an accompanying post about the trip and everything that we did. I also thought that it would be fun to talk about the cruise itself, as we have now been on two and can kind of compare.

BTW: our trip in a nutshell went something like this: Vancouver, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, The Grande Cayman Islands, Jamaica (for a brief couple of hours, more on that in our vacation blog), Labadee- Haiti, Miami, Florida – Islands of Adventure and Disney World, Phoenix, Seattle, home. Places like Chicago, Miami, Vancouver and Seattle were connecting points to our final destination of the cruise (which left from Miami), Florida or home.

Needless to say, I think that Shannon and I both suffered from jet lag as we were living three hours ahead for almost two weeks. Jet lag + no sleep = tired, cranky family. I think that I just finished catching up on my sleep to be honest. Alright, enough, if you want to hear all about our trip then a post is on its way soon! For those of you who can’t wait, here are a couple photos:

The most beautiful water.

Shannon and I with the cruise directors during Disco night. Looking very sweaty after just dancing 😛

Yup... that's me....it went something like this "oh you want a photo" then SSWOOSH next thing I know I'm in the air and there is someone trying to eat my foot.

Our waitress Foxy Roxy.


Our assistant waiter Ilia

On to what the real post is about: 2012 Resolutions!! Hopefully I am able to get all these accomplished throughout the year, that is if we make it that far. Do any of you readers out there believe in the world ending in December? Let us know in the comments below! Here are 5 of mine (I think 5 is reasonable, don’t you?):

1. Read at least 3 books a month. — I have found this website, goodreads.com and it’s amazing! You can add books to your “to read” list, your “read” list, and your “currently reading” list, read online reviews, browse books etc etc! I could spend all day on that site searching for books that I want to read this year. Definitely check it out. I recently read The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks, and FELL IN LOVE! (Mostly because it’s a movie coming out and Zac Efron is the main character… mmmmm he is soooo good looking <3) I like reading books that are movies or soon to be because it gives me an image of someone to link the characters to and that’s my favourite way of reading! Its a good read, I read it in one day… (my eyes were cross eyed afterwards cause I didn’t give them a break – not encouraged. Please take reading breaks) it was my kind of book, and Zac Efron is my kind of man. If you have any books that you could recommend for me that would be amazing!! 3 books a month, for 12 months is gonna be CRAZY, so if you want to see a book review, or have a favourite please let me know. Some books I’ve loved in the past: Something Borrowed, The Lucky One (mentioned above), The Lauren Conrad series (….yess…. it’s true, I couldn’t put them down), and Ellen Degeneres’ new book, just to give you an idea of the kinds of books that grab my attention.

2. Take more action. — Do you ever think, well I should have done that… or I wish I could be more outgoing and forward ?? I openly admit that I wish that I was more outgoing and spoke my mind a little bit more. Well this is the year folks! I’m going to take more action and go for things that I want. I’m not talking being obnoxious and rude to get to the places in life that I want to be, but things like correcting the waitress who brought me the wrong food (don’t you hate having to complain?), taking chances to get to the places I want to be, even if they are perhaps a bit unconventional (ie: school in Vancouver in September), or taking action to make sure that I am not in positions to which I do not want to be (Ie: learn to say yes and no at the appropriate times). I don’t want to be sitting around this year thinking wishing that I had taken more action.

3. Save, save, save. — I have a car that is dying, a Vegas trip in April in the works, and a nasty habit for spending my pay cheques. AND on top of that, I desperately want to be in lower mainland for school in September, which will also require me to have saved some money as it’s kind of expensive living wise down there. This year, I control my spending habits and SAVE!

4. Workout — Okay, I know this one is something that everyone puts as a new years resolution, but I only include it because I want to CONTINUE to workout and be in great shape. Shannon and I worked very hard last year in preparation for our Caribbean Christmas and I don’t want all that work to go down the drain. I will make it a point to maintain my workouts this year, because I am so proud of how far I have come. This includes maintaining a clean diet as well. The only thing that I dread about this new years resolution is the fact that it’s the same for everyone. Meaning that for the new two weeks (:P okay, I should have more faith in people, three) the gym is going to be crazy packed. I MUST find a happy medium time when there aren’t many people there…. MUST!!

5. Blog and make videos more!! — Sometimes I’m not too sure how people do it, but this year I promise to make the time to blog and record videos consistently. More beauty videos, cooking blogs, and you will definitely be seeing book reviews of each and every book that I read.

Well, that sums up 5 of my new years resolutions, I am sure that I have more, but honestly these ones are the most important, and I feel that they are all attainable. No use in making resolutions I know I will be unable to keep.

I also just wanted to give a quick shout out of those of you who read and follow our blog! The internet is such a big environment that Shannon and I are so thankful that you take the time to read what we have to say. Any suggestions or requests would be greatly appreciated. Also, please feel free to comment and let us know what you think! We always get soooo excited to see comments, cause it means that people are actually reading what we are saying, which never fails to make us sooo excited 🙂 🙂 🙂 Again, thank you so much!!!!!

Let us know in the comments below what your new years resolutions are! 🙂 ps: Sorry for the long-ish post.



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