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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to talk about something that has been bothering me lately, mostly in the last week or so. I watched a couple skincare routines on YouTube, and it got me thinking….. I want a new skincare routine! The reality is that I have never really had one, and I have become obsessed with finding the perfect products for my skin online. Up until recently, I actually have no idea what I have been using, because it has always been so random! Just samples of things I get in my Luxebox, stuff my sisters have, or anything that simply cleans my face I suppose.

My point is, that I really would love a steady skincare routine. I am DYING to try a Clarisonic Mia, however I can’t buy them where we live and I don’t think I’m heading to a major city any time soon…I hear they work wonders and I want one so bad! I may eventually break down and find a website that I can order one online from. I tried to see if I could from the Sephora website, and apparently that particular item doesn’t ship to Canada…. bugger.

I have very oily skin, oily everywhere! I even use a mattifying moisturizer just to help keep the oil at bay. I also am prone to acne breakouts, and on my best day I still have breakouts or spots here or there. I have a very ugly past with acne, and was even on medication for most of my mid to late teens to keep it under wraps!! At the same time, as frustrating as it might be, I also have somewhat sensitive skin (probably due to the medications I was on when I was younger), and during the winter I do find that my skin can get a little bit flaky, as most of ours do due to the weather changing in the winter months. I don’t use any heavy moisturizers because I fear that they will break me out futher! ….. HELP!!

I thought it would be cool to share my skin type with you all, and see what you use! See you if you have any good ideas, or products that you would suggest I try!!

Let me know in the comments below what you are using! I am dying for a new routine and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!



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