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Last August (2012), I moved from BC to Ontario and my skin had never been worse! The summer in Ontario was very humid and hot! And my skin got increasingly oily, and I had breakouts worse than I ever had before. I broke out on my forehead, my cheeks and chin/jawline and it made me very self conscious. In addition to the breakouts, my skin was also very congested causing the texture of my skin to look very dull and bumpy and no amount of physical exfoliants (such as the St. Ives apricot scrub, or even my Clairsonic) would help. I took to the internet in search of products that would help! All I could find was that I needed to let my skin adjust… and so I waited for months! And nothing helped. I was breaking out so much and I was afraid my skin was going to scar from all the breakouts.

So I finally took a chance and purchased the Neostrata oil-free smoothing lotion, Level 3 (10% glycolic acid). I was hesitant to buy it because it was quite expensive ($30-$40) but I’m so glad I did! After about a week I had noticed my forehead was significantly less bumpy and the frequency of my breakouts (which was literally new breakouts every morning I woke up) was decreased! It was my first time using a product with glycolic acid and at first it stung a bit, I think due to the amount of breakouts I had on my skin, but now I don’t notice any stinging. I’ve used the Neostrata lotion for about a month and a half now and my skin looks smooth. I feel like it even helps control the amount of oil my skin produces throughout the day! Before this lotion, my skin was so oily I was blotting several times during the day. I went through blotting sheets so fast! it was disgusting.

Since purchasing the Neostrata lotion (and it’s a product I will continue to purchase!), I have  made a few other changes to my skincare routine and have tried new products that I feel have really made all the difference in my skin. I still get the occasional breakout, but that’s nothing major to me! I can easily cover them with a little bit of concealer.

Here is my new skincare routine:

Evening Routine: 

  • I pre-wash my face with the Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser, just to remove the initial layer of makeup on my skin. I then take more face wash, lather it in my hands and apply to my face and use my Clairisonic Mia. Rinse with luke warm water and gently pat dry with a clean towel.
  • I use the Clean and Clear persa-gel 5 (benzoyl peroxide) cream on my breakouts if I have any and let that soak in for a few minutes. I then moisturize with my Algenist Firming and Lifting Cream all over my face. Then apply the Olay Pro X eye restoration complex cream to the skin around my eyes.

Day Time Routine:

My daytime routine is what has changed the most! Thanks to a wonderful worker at LUSH who gave me this amazing tip! She told me that my skin might be so oily because i’m over cleansing and stripping the oils from face. What happens when you strip natural oils from your skin? Your skin compensates by over producing oil! So she recommended instead of repeating my night time routine in the morning, to simply spritz my face with the Tea Tree Toner Water and massage my daytime lotion (the neostrata lotion previously mentioned) immediately into my skin while it is still moist from the Tea Tree Toner. At first I was reluctant to do this because I feel like the oil was going to break me out more! But she said that technically you haven’t done anything over night, so your skin is still clean (as long as you’re sleeping on clean pillow sheets). By spritzing your skin with the toner water first it helps you to absorb your moisturizer into your skin, but also to absorb the natural oils your skin produced over night. I have to say that this is my favorite skin care tip ever! I maybe blot my skin once throughout the day… ONCE! That’s such a change for me! And I breakout much less frequently. Daytime skincare steps:

  • Spritz face with Tea Tree Toner Water, immediately apply pea sized amount of Neostrata lotion to my face and massage in! That simple.

I hope this was helpful to some people! If you have any questions please post a comment. I also will include links to the products, so that you can read about them and decide for yourself if they’d help you too!



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Hey Guys!

Today I had a good day and posted two new videos!

The first was a video on products that I use to help combat my extremely oily skin. I mention products from facewash to makeup setting tips! Check it out!

The second was actually a request that someone had left in a comment on one of my videos. Here’s a look at each lipstick that I have in my shelving unit. I have to say that I paid for all of these myself, and it is in no way a means to brag about how much I own. I honestly don’t think that one needs this much. Ha ha!

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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to talk about something that has been bothering me lately, mostly in the last week or so. I watched a couple skincare routines on YouTube, and it got me thinking….. I want a new skincare routine! The reality is that I have never really had one, and I have become obsessed with finding the perfect products for my skin online. Up until recently, I actually have no idea what I have been using, because it has always been so random! Just samples of things I get in my Luxebox, stuff my sisters have, or anything that simply cleans my face I suppose.

My point is, that I really would love a steady skincare routine. I am DYING to try a Clarisonic Mia, however I can’t buy them where we live and I don’t think I’m heading to a major city any time soon…I hear they work wonders and I want one so bad! I may eventually break down and find a website that I can order one online from. I tried to see if I could from the Sephora website, and apparently that particular item doesn’t ship to Canada…. bugger.

I have very oily skin, oily everywhere! I even use a mattifying moisturizer just to help keep the oil at bay. I also am prone to acne breakouts, and on my best day I still have breakouts or spots here or there. I have a very ugly past with acne, and was even on medication for most of my mid to late teens to keep it under wraps!! At the same time, as frustrating as it might be, I also have somewhat sensitive skin (probably due to the medications I was on when I was younger), and during the winter I do find that my skin can get a little bit flaky, as most of ours do due to the weather changing in the winter months. I don’t use any heavy moisturizers because I fear that they will break me out futher! ….. HELP!!

I thought it would be cool to share my skin type with you all, and see what you use! See you if you have any good ideas, or products that you would suggest I try!!

Let me know in the comments below what you are using! I am dying for a new routine and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


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