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Last August (2012), I moved from BC to Ontario and my skin had never been worse! The summer in Ontario was very humid and hot! And my skin got increasingly oily, and I had breakouts worse than I ever had before. I broke out on my forehead, my cheeks and chin/jawline and it made me very self conscious. In addition to the breakouts, my skin was also very congested causing the texture of my skin to look very dull and bumpy and no amount of physical exfoliants (such as the St. Ives apricot scrub, or even my Clairsonic) would help. I took to the internet in search of products that would help! All I could find was that I needed to let my skin adjust… and so I waited for months! And nothing helped. I was breaking out so much and I was afraid my skin was going to scar from all the breakouts.

So I finally took a chance and purchased the Neostrata oil-free smoothing lotion, Level 3 (10% glycolic acid). I was hesitant to buy it because it was quite expensive ($30-$40) but I’m so glad I did! After about a week I had noticed my forehead was significantly less bumpy and the frequency of my breakouts (which was literally new breakouts every morning I woke up) was decreased! It was my first time using a product with glycolic acid and at first it stung a bit, I think due to the amount of breakouts I had on my skin, but now I don’t notice any stinging. I’ve used the Neostrata lotion for about a month and a half now and my skin looks smooth. I feel like it even helps control the amount of oil my skin produces throughout the day! Before this lotion, my skin was so oily I was blotting several times during the day. I went through blotting sheets so fast! it was disgusting.

Since purchasing the Neostrata lotion (and it’s a product I will continue to purchase!), I have  made a few other changes to my skincare routine and have tried new products that I feel have really made all the difference in my skin. I still get the occasional breakout, but that’s nothing major to me! I can easily cover them with a little bit of concealer.

Here is my new skincare routine:

Evening Routine: 

  • I pre-wash my face with the Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser, just to remove the initial layer of makeup on my skin. I then take more face wash, lather it in my hands and apply to my face and use my Clairisonic Mia. Rinse with luke warm water and gently pat dry with a clean towel.
  • I use the Clean and Clear persa-gel 5 (benzoyl peroxide) cream on my breakouts if I have any and let that soak in for a few minutes. I then moisturize with my Algenist Firming and Lifting Cream all over my face. Then apply the Olay Pro X eye restoration complex cream to the skin around my eyes.

Day Time Routine:

My daytime routine is what has changed the most! Thanks to a wonderful worker at LUSH who gave me this amazing tip! She told me that my skin might be so oily because i’m over cleansing and stripping the oils from face. What happens when you strip natural oils from your skin? Your skin compensates by over producing oil! So she recommended instead of repeating my night time routine in the morning, to simply spritz my face with the Tea Tree Toner Water and massage my daytime lotion (the neostrata lotion previously mentioned) immediately into my skin while it is still moist from the Tea Tree Toner. At first I was reluctant to do this because I feel like the oil was going to break me out more! But she said that technically you haven’t done anything over night, so your skin is still clean (as long as you’re sleeping on clean pillow sheets). By spritzing your skin with the toner water first it helps you to absorb your moisturizer into your skin, but also to absorb the natural oils your skin produced over night. I have to say that this is my favorite skin care tip ever! I maybe blot my skin once throughout the day… ONCE! That’s such a change for me! And I breakout much less frequently. Daytime skincare steps:

  • Spritz face with Tea Tree Toner Water, immediately apply pea sized amount of Neostrata lotion to my face and massage in! That simple.

I hope this was helpful to some people! If you have any questions please post a comment. I also will include links to the products, so that you can read about them and decide for yourself if they’d help you too!



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Hey Shannon here,

A few weeks ago, Caitlin and I were sent toothpaste tablets from Arktek Inc. We were approached after our review of Lush’s less than stellar dirty toothy tablets. Now don’t get us wrong, we loove Lush and the products they create. However, we both found that their dirty tooth tablets taste awful and were a tad bit chalky feeling. To top it all off, Lush’s toothpaste tablets didn’t even leave a clean mouth feeling. Arktek offered to send us some toothpaste tablets that taste great and work well, so we were both intrigued by the idea of them.

Product Overview taken from the Arktek, Inc. website:

“Archtek’s Toothpaste Tablets are a chewable tablet that replaces paste in a tube and creates an incredibly clean feeling mouth. The tablet is placed in the mouth, chewed, followed by normal brushing and rinsing. This is an excellent choice for people on the go, and can be used without water! Children love it too, and parents appreciate the convenience and reliability when compared to a paste.

This tablet also provides ease of use for the elderly and is sanitary, which makes it indispensable in institutional settings. Important in today’s world, both the tablet and packaging are completely recyclable. 60 tablets per bottle.”


We were sent a bottle of the toothpaste tablets as well as some individually wrapped packages of toothpaste tablets.

This bottle has a nice pop open lid. This bottle of 60 tablets (about a month supply of toothpaste) retails on the website for only $3.25

Here is a close up of the individually wrapped toothpast tablet. The bottles are recyclable and the packages are really convenient to throw into your purse or suitcase when traveling.

A close up of what the tablets look like. They are approximately the same size as the LUSH dirty toothy tablets.

Close up of package directions and ingredients.

Initial Thoughts:

Using Arktek’s toothpaste tablets for the first time was easy enough; simply take one tablet, chew it, and start brushing. One thing that was pleasantly surprising was that the tablets dissolve nicely and foamed up like toothpaste from the tube that I’m used to. Also, the toothpaste tablets live up to their claims of leaving a clean minty feeling. I tried to measure how long the clean feeling lasted and it seems to hold through up until you have your next meal.

Because we were given quite a few individually packaged toothpaste tablets, I gave some out to friends for them to try as well. They all were pleasantly surprised at the ease of use and effectiveness of this toothpaste. They all agreed that this toothpaste is very minty, and a nice new take on the regular tube toothpaste.

Pros and Cons:

Lets start with the cons. The only thing I could really think about as a con for this is that you have to order them which might deter some people from getting them in the first place, especially when it’s so easy to zip over to the super market and pick up a new tube of toothpaste. Some may ask about the whitening properties of this product. As far as I can tell after using this product for a few weeks, my teeth are not whiter (although I do already have fairly white teeth). However, there are no claims of whitening on the packaging, so I’m not sure this is a really a con, but rather a point of interest.

Pros: There are several pros to this product over LUSH’s dirty toothy tabs and to regular toothpaste in a tube. First of all, the Arktek toothpaste tablets are already portioned to the correct amount of toothpaste one needs. The pop top on the bottle is easy to open as opposed to squeezing a tube of toothpaste. This may seem like a minor detail, but for those people with arthritis or other pain in the joints of the hands, this may be a very welcome change. As previously mentioned, the tablets leave a very clean minty mouth feeling and are especially convenient when on the go or traveling. Arktek toothpaste tablets also come in recyclable bottles which is a nice alternative to having to throw away tubes of toothpaste every month or so. I have to say, I also appreciate that there is no toothpaste buildup around the opening of the bottle, like the build up that forms around a tube of toothpaste that has to repeatedly be cleaned away.

Final Thoughts:

Would we recommend this product? We definitely would encourage people to try them if you’re interested. For those of you who use Lush’s toothpaste tablets, I would say this is a nice, better tasting alternative in my opinion. And if I had to choose, my vote would be with Arktek. The main deterrent to this product is that you have to order it online which honestly may keep us from using this product further. However, there are many pros to this product that just might make it worth it 🙂

Thanks for reading!

If you have tried this product, or are planning to let us know in the comments below.

(these products were sent to us, we did not purchase them. we were in no way obligated to do this post and all opinions are our own.)

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I went with Caitlin to the mall to check out LUSH’s new “Dirty” line. I didn’t see anything that really peaked my interest from their new line. I smelled the new fragrance and it’s very manly; I smelled like an “Italian Man” according to my sister hahaha. They might make nice gifts for the guy in your life or even your dad (since Father’s day is coming up next month!). I didn’t want to leave empty handed, so I decided to pick up the Hair Doctor. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any Hair Doctors left, but the AMAZING lady working there gave me one free since they couldn’t sell it because the expiry date was approaching soon.

Product Overview:

I was drawn to this hair mask because lately my scalp has been dry and somewhat irritated. I find using harsh shampoos leaves my scalp feeling this way. I have tried other lush hair masks in the past, and I do find them to be quite effective, and deliver on their promises of shinier, softer hair. This particular hair mask’s consistency seems thicker than the other LUSH hair masks and I suspect it might contain fresher ingredients as you have to keep it in the fridge similarly to their fresh face masks. The scent is kind of a herbal mint fragrance, which I don’t mind; for those of you who don’t like herbal scented products, I warn you that the fragrance does linger after washing and drying for at least another full day after use.

Application Process:

The product is kind of thick and makes your hair look and feel disgusting while on! haha but applying the mask to your hair is easy enough.  I made sure to focus on getting down to my scalp and then going over the rest of my hair more lightly. Then tied it up into a loose bun on top of my head. I have very long, medium-thick hair and I only required using half of the pot. The instructions recommend that people with long hair should use an entire pot, but I really don’t think it’s necessary. Furthermore, they suggest you leave it on for 20 minutes, but in my experience with LUSH hair masks, the longer the better! I kept mine on for a full hour, and by the end of that hour, the mask had become very dry and crispy on my hair.

Hair with Mask on


This is a pre-shampoo treatment. So in the shower, I rinsed off the product first and then followed with my usual shampoo and conditioner. Even without shampooing and conditioning, after rinsing my hair felt very silky and soft! The product rinsed out very clean and didn’t leave any greasy residue. Caitlin mentioned that my hair was even very shiny. As for my scalp being less dry and irritated, I believe it has helped a bit, or at least didn’t make it worse; which is good news for those of you who also have sensitive skin/scalp. I will use the other half of the mask in a couple days and see if I get the same results.

Hair after mask. I had blow dried my hair and brushed it.


Overall, my initial impression of this product is that it is a very good hair mask. If you have the time to let it sit on your hair for longer than 20 minutes, I would definitely do so! This mask also drys on your hair, so I’m tempted to even try it over night. I would recommend this to people who have dandruff or dry scalp, but also to those whose hair needs some moisture! The only drawback is that some people may not enjoy the scent of this product.

Dirty Toothy Tabs

As Shannon previously stated, her and I made a trip to the local LUSH to check out the new Dirty line. I had been eying it up since it came out on the LUSH UK website a while back now. I worked at LUSH as a seasonal employee a couple of years ago. Let me just say, it was my dream job. All summer of 2009 I was in LOVE with the store. I even made my friend Kevin drive me up to Prince George a couple times just so that I could go and spend every dime I had. When I was offered a job there, it wasn’t because I had already handed in a resume, it was because I shopped there so often that they knew who I was. I had literally almost tried one of every product they had in the store if not more. I was thrilled during the interview when I realized that it wasn’t so much an interview, as much as it was “This is when you start” and “Here’s your training package” I also have to say, not only did I love the staff, but I loved that during training, you got to take home a large sample of each and every product so that you could try it at home and know as much as possible each and every item LUSH sells. Already having a large stash at home, these products only added to my collection. It wasn’t until Christmas that I received a box full of every single Christmas item that we were selling that year. Did I scream with excitement? You know it!! Anyway, since working there they have completely re-staffed the entire store. I heard that the main manager had quit to pursue another career, and after that all the employees quit! So they had to re-staff it. Since then, the store just isn’t the same. The sales employees are pushy, and all in your business. I mean I already know everything about the store, but I don’t dare tell them that. I just keep my cool and am polite as usual.

Anyway, enough about this, on to the reason I am doing this post! A review:

The one thing that truly caught my eye was the Dirty Tooth Tabs. I gave them a whirl today, and here are my thoughts:

The tabs are small as shown in the picture below. I didn’t actually take any pictures of the testing and I will let you know why in a moment. There 40 tabs per box, and the box costs $3.95. Not bad for almost a months worth of toothpaste if you use them twice a day. I am fond of the box, its recyclable as with almost all of LUSH’s packaging (if there is any) and you push off a casing to open and expose a tiny opening where you pull the tabs from.

The instructions say to place a tab between your two front teeth and start nibbling at it, so that you start to dissolve the tab. It then says that the tab is supposed to start to foam and that’s when you grab your wet toothbrush and start scrubbing away. Now, by default, the toothpaste tabs already smell like spearmint so I was assuming they would taste that way. I mean it was a pretty strong minty smell to begin with. Well people, I have to say that when I put it in my mouth and started to “nibble” it tasted like soap! It was horrible! I thought “okay, just finish using the tab and it’ll be over”. I carried on, brushing my teeth and after about a minute of brushing I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to spit it out!! The taste of soap was overwhelming! After I spit it out it was grimy in my mouth, it felt gritty. Now I am not too sure if that is because I couldn’t actually finish brushing my teeth because I couldn’t get past the taste but needless to say it was not a very good experience. I brushed my teeth with my regular toothpaste afterwards so that I could get the horrible taste out of my mouth.

Final Verdict: I for one, do not enjoy the taste of soap in my mouth. To be honest, I mean it did come from a store that you can smell across the mall, so I’m not too sure if it is because the tabs came from a soapy smelling store or if that is actually the way that they are supposed to taste. In terms of actually cleaning your teeth I think that they would do a fine job if you can handle the taste. I like my mouth to feel fresh after brushing, and these just didn’t deliver for me. I will keep the box, and perhaps try them out again. If my findings are different once I have gotten used to using them I will report an update. For now however, I do not recommend them.


Shannon and Caitlin

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