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Hey Everyone!
I haven’t done a post in a really looong time. I’ve wanted to but just haven’t had the time. Caitlin and I have had a lot of changes in the last few months. We both are going back to school and have both moved to new locations! Caitlin is going to be going into a business program and I’ve been accepted into a Masters program so it’s been a very exciting time for us.
Anyways on to what this post is really about: Moisturizing Dry, Cracked cuticles.
I’ve always been self conscious of my hands. I always thought I had such “man hands” hahaha and on top of that my hands were always dry with my cuticles cracking no matter the time of year. I really thought that the use of a regular body moisturizer on my hands would help my cuticles, and when it didn’t, I thought that’s just how they were supposed to be. They literally have been cracked and dry for so long that I just thought of it as normal. Lately I’ve been a lot more aware taking better care of them. I have found that small changes have made me feel more happy with my hands and that taking a little more time to care for them has made all the difference.

I want to show you some before and after pictures!

Here is a before picture. This is a picture I took of a new nail polish I have fallen in love with called “you callin’ me a lyre?” Unfortunately, I could never bring myself to post it as my cuticles look so cracked and I was too embarrassed! As you can see my pinky is so cracked it actually has a sore on it… and that was the norm for me! I have to admit though that my cuticles have looked much worse than this.


Here is my after photo. As you can see my nails and cuticles look much healthier! No cracks or sores to be seen.


The main difference I made to my hands was adding a cuticle cream. I had tried creams made specifically for cuticles before but I always found them either too oily, or ineffective. As a result I never kept up the routine long enough to see a difference, and/or got tired of leaving oily residue all over my house! The cuticle cream I use now and will continue to repurchase is “Burt’s Bees lemon butter cuticle creme.”

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, beeswax, lemon oil, tocopheryl acetate & tocopherol (vitamin E), cocoa butter, candelilla wax, rosemary extract, beta-carotene.

This is so quick and easy to apply! It reminds me of a lip balm in size and consistency. It’s in a very convenient, small package so I can take it anywhere with me. The texture of the “creme” is light and it just takes a few seconds to rub in a small amount of product and you’re good to go. I wouldn’t even really call this a “creme” as it is more solid and melts at body temperature. It has a nice light lemon scent that I find quite pleasant. The best part of this product is that it didn’t take too long for me to see results. It took literally only a few days for me to see a dramatic difference. Going from years of chronically dry cuticles to “normal” looking hands in a few days time was quite a pleasant surprise to me! I literally only apply this once a day usually at night as I’m watching tv or before bed (and it takes less than a minute for me to do both hands). This product retails for about $6.00. I know this is a product I will continue to use. I normally use this in conjunction with Aveeno’s intensive relief hand cream, or any other moisturizer I happen to have on hand.

I hope you found this helpful! if you have any questions please leave a comment!

Thanks for reading 🙂



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