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Hello Everyone!

I feel like every post that Shannon and I have been doing lately, (or mine at least) we have been apologizing for being so MIA. Its been a lot busier than I think either of us expected with work and school going on right now. Between studying, work, winter coming when I didn’t want it to, taking my cat to the vet, and eating clean.. again.. it’s been crazy up in here!! I do want to do an update post, the entire house as we speak is doing another 28 days of eating clean! So we thought that we would do a couple updates as well as some sample “what we eat” posts. If you guys are interested in seeing that then let us know! I will for sure do an update post soon! As soon as this week is over!!!

I did manage to find the time to film an October Favourites video. It has been posted for a couple days now but I didn’t have the time to write a post to accompany it until now! Here we go!

Thank you for watching and reading! Miss you all! 🙂



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Today I bring to you some of my favourite fall nail colours!

I am still currently wearing my gel nails, and right now the are unbearably long! (I have an appointment this Thursday thank goodness!) I LOVE these colours, and the great thing about the nails I have on is that you can wear normal nail polish over them and it won’t hurt the gel underneath!

When I wear colour on my nails, I do prefer to have short nails, so in the pictures below my nails are super long! I personally, would rather wear these colours when my nails are shorter.. but none the less they are amazing colours and I just had to share them with you! Be fair warned that I painted my nails with my left hand, and I’m right handed! So they are some what messy and I apologize!!

Without further delay here we go!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro: Lava Red, China Glaze: Emerald Fitzgerald, Revlon: Facets of Fuchsia, Revlon: Jaded Night

Revlon: Jaded Night/ Revlon: Facets Of Fuchsia/ Rimmel: Lava Red/ China Glaze: Emerald Fitzgerald

Each nail has about two coats painted on. All of the brushes are fairly standard with the exception of the Rimmel, which has a very large brush which I love! It actually makes painting your nails super quick and really easy!

Both Revlon and the Rimmel polishes can be found at any drugstore, which is great! I bought the China Glaze polish from the Sally Beauty Supply store here in town, I’ve never seen it in any drug stores.

As for wear? Of all of these I would say that the China Glaze and Rimmel wear the longest. I sometimes have a hard time with Revlon polishes. That being said, I think that a great top coat really helps in this sort of situation. I use the Seche Vite top coat. It took me a while to get used to this product, and the correct way to use it is to actually put it over top of your nail polish while it is still wet! It’s a strange concept, I know, but trust me! It seeps right down into your polish and seals it in for days! I can go up to a week with that stuff on my nails and no chipping!! I know that this product is somewhat controversial due o the fact that it has a particular warning on the bottle… but I still love it!

I love all these colours, and to me they are perfect for the fall and winter seasons! Like I said before, I do think that my nails are really long, and while I don’t mind having longer nails with a french tip, having colour on them like this just looks strange to me!

What do you think? Do you prefer shorter nails when you wear colour? Or do you like them long?

Share with us your favourite fall nail polish colours in the comments below!!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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